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HP12C Can you Help Me???  - This class is designed to familiarize agents with the use of a financial calculator to assist with everyday real estate math; making the calculations easier for anyone. Anyone can give accurate math answers even if they have math apathy. Set yourself apart from other agents by offering Return on Investment information to buyer clients... and Much more... This class is taught when a group of five or more are interested. Instructor is willing to travel. Price varies with the availability of calculators and the price at the time.  Call for more information 603-636-2626



NH Real Estate Pre-Licensing 40 hour Course -   Interested in becoming a Licensed Real Estate Professional or upgrading from a Sales Associate to a Broker? This course is a State Accredited 40 Pre-licensing course. It can be used as 40 hours toward the 60 Required to become a Broker. All books and materials needed are included in the fee of $500. This course will be taught anytime a group of 5 people have expressed interest, the instructor will travel a reasonable distance for a group from one area. Call for more information 603-636-2626



I hope you realize what a fantastic experience this has been thus far.
This is due to your teaching style, extensive knowledge and your utmost commitment to ensure our best chance to pass the test, and to get excited to get into the RE business.
I wish the very best to you.
Thanks again,
"For me,Caron's Gateway School of Real Estate, taught by Diane Daley, provided a very thorough and organized presentation of the subject matter. The instructor was personable and her  many years of experience in the field helped make the material interesting, relatable and easily understandable. I passed the real estate exam on my first attempt; I believe,in large part, due to the excellent instruction I received."

Sue Solar

Thank you Diane.

I so enjoyed your class and the wonderful group of people ; I'm sad it's over!  Keep me posted on future class offerings.
Best wishes,
Donna Kerr


Hi Diane,


Thank you for a great class; I really enjoyed it.  Sandy


I Really enjoyed doing this class with you. I thought I would be frustrated listening to it all again for my Brokers ; far from it! I really did get a lot from it.

Carol - Exit Realty


 I would like to thank  Diane Daley.  She was the instructor of my Pre Licensing Course.  She had faith in me and believed in me, she would always tell me that I'd go far in the Real Estate Business, that I was a good people person.  I was afraid to jump out there and start some thing new, I didn't think I could do it.  Thanks to Diane's encouragement, I didn't give up.  She saw something in me that I couldn't see, she made me feel what she saw and It made me feel like " I can do this "   Thank you Diane for believing in me and for teaching me that anything is possible.  Kristie



HP12C Can you help Me? This course was very enlightening, especially with my background in the banking field. I was fascinated with the information that could result in conjunction with the program you has us enter into our calculator. The knowledge I gained will be helpful in advising our landlords on future purchases of income properties. I look forward to attending other course offerings you may offer.
Pam L.

HP12C It is amazing the amount of information that can be gleaned from a few keystrokes. It will certainly give us an edge in advising clients on the profitablilty of potential investment purchases. I really enjoyed your calculator class and look forward to attending some of your other courses.
Monique D.